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“There are two types of businesses, those that compete and those that are closed”
– Anonymous

Quicker Is Better!

Note: This is a vigorously curated mastermind. Only hungry business owners seeking growth should apply.

The Place Filled With Hungry Entrepreneurs:

The Situation Room brings together leaders to help business owners like you gain exclusive access to insights and strategies they’re using to dominate their marketplace. The Situation Room’s mastermind is not a coffee club meet, it’s an environment of action, results, connection and contribution.


Focused discussions on topics and challenges that are absolutely related to you and your business right now, with like-minded DRIVEN individuals who are on a similar journey.

Access to industry leaders who will show you the future road you never saw to take your business up to the next level. (You don’t randomly meet experts on the street or sitting behind a computer, you meet them in a go-getter environment like The Situation Room).

Access to innovative tools, strategies, insights and feedback from those who have been where you want to go.

Get more productivity and profits out of your business model:

The business decisions we all make have the potential to make us or break us. You’re business decisions will be put through rigorous scrutiny by quality, credible business owners whose been down the road your deciding to take.

Over 80% of New Zealand-based businesses fail within 5 years of opening their doors and of that 80% over 60% were profitable. If you commit to this specially curated business group of collective knowledge your business will flourish.

“All of our business problems started out like a good decision at the time”

Success Stories

Former NZSAS Trooper - Bear Kabul

Pivotal to my Special Forces career was Patrick’s mindset coaching and clear action plans to strengthening that all too important tool between my ears, a powerful mindset.

Equipped with these powerful and effective techniques I was able to pass a near impossible selection and continue on a path many dreamed of.

Anyone ever getting the opportunity to work with Patrick, run with it one hundred percent, don’t waste no time.


Former Melbourne Storm Forward – Matt Rua

Pat was a key support and source of motivation for me during a period where I had set goals for myself to return to the NRL after a 4-year hiatus. With Patricks results focused style, he was able to close a deal helping me enter back into one of the toughest sporting arenas on the planet.

Medical Design Innovations Team

We have worked with Patrick to develop business strategies that would grow our bottom line. If you’re committed to it, Patricks committed to you.

Ready to become part of an exclusive group of hungry business owners who are sharing the secrets and strategies to grow their businesses exponentially.

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Meet Patrick Killeen

Patrick Killeen is sought after for his ability to connect people with people as he strongly believes proximity is power.

Known for his ability to connect people so they achieve their business or personal successes. He leverages his networking competence to bring together top industry producers and leaders throughout New Zealand.

His mission is to change the conversation around personal and business failure to one of possibility and success, if you can connect with the right people and be in the right place your personal and business success will absolutely sky rocket.

Patrick has worked personally with some of Australia’s most respected business people and played an interictal part working with one of Australia’s most respected business tycoons with the strategic national development rollout of business, employment and training opportunities with some great successes. He was also a key team member of the former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd in developing and implementing multi-million-dollar feasibility, employment and integration programs.

Patrick also utilised his experience and skills by working with elite professional sporting athletes and New Zealand Special Air Service (SAS) Members to achieve success levels most don’t even try.

Patrick has spent over 25 years within his sales and business career tactically and strategically solving not only other people’s businesses and career challenges but his own, which has given him some of his best business and life teachings. His developed skill set has been key to dramatically Increasing bottom-lines and helping clients achieve what they originally set out to do in the beginning. Patricks leadership and passion to contribute are some of the key reasons he’s sought after.

“Let me tell you a little about our culture, do more for others than anybody else”

– Patrick Killeen

3 Things That Will Happen At The Situation Room:

Entrepreneurs aren’t going anywhere, you have to compete, you’re gonna have competition, you already have it. So you wanna drive and get up as fast as you can…

Being around the right individuals who have invaluable skills, knowledge and experience will dramatically increase your chances of being right..

We believe that when you’re on the right team around the right people, that is worth more for an Entrepreneur than what’s written on a cheque.

01. You will achieve your goals

02. You will propel through challenges quicker

03. You will make a bigger impact

The Situation Room's $250,000 GUARANTEE

If after attending the first Mastermind, you do not feel you have received $250,000 worth of value to create exponential growth in your business, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.